Back to the Motherland

I’ve been meaning to upload new imagery, but it seems as if life  has had other plans. In the last couple of months our family has been through a bunch of changes. We moved from Syracuse, N.Y. to Columbia, M.D., changed jobs from a full time student to full time teacher, and came to terms with the arrival of our second child. It’s been stressful and exciting at the same time.

Even though we’ve been busy changing with our new life, we’ve kept taking pictures, routinely documenting the craziness that is our life. That’s one of the reasons that I’ve really taken to iPhone Photography in the last couple of months. The convenience, editing apps, and ability to upload in a matter of minutes makes my iPhone my go-to camera when I’m with my family. I can take care of Harper, my uber enthusiast son that you can’t take your eye off for a second, and also satisfy my creative side that wants to document every moment. Finding that happy medium if you will.

The slideshow above is a collection of imagery that I captured with my iPhone while on leave back to Texas. It was one of the longest vacations I’ve ever been on (almost 30 days). Danna, Harper, and I visited her family down in Copperas Cove and also my family in Sherman. Well, it was more of an opportunity for my Mom and my Mother-in-law to see their grand baby. That’s perfectly fine with me because they can do their Grandmotherly thing and I can relax.

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