iPhone Photo Fridays – 12Oct12

Back again with some more imagery for the iPhone Photo Fridays. We’ve got disk golf, everyday lifestyle, friends, playground, Newseum and downtown D.C. Taking pictures of all aspects of our lives and bringing it to the masses. Moments that undoubtedly happen everyday and often go unnoticed.

That’s the beauty of having a camera in your pocket at all times. Whenever you see something that even remotely makes you give it a second glance, you can freeze it forever with the touch of a button. It sometimes seems tedious to always be the one taking pictures but when the week is done and you can look back over all the good times you’ve spent it’s definitely worth it. Plus, your friends may heckle you over it but they are always the one saying….”Hey, can you send me those?” Making memories, one iPhone photo at a time.

L~ F~:

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