Maverick – 3 Months

I took these photos of Maverick while we were in Texas for Trey and Jaque’s wedding.  The awesome thing about weddings (besides the obvious celebration of love!) is getting to see family and friends you haven’t seen in years.  For me, that meant a chance to meet some of Justin’s family that I hadn’t met before.

Justin’s cousin Kellie and her husband James have such a beautiful family!  I was so happy when Kellie asked if I could snap a few shots of Mav to celebrate his 3 month “birthday.”

Let me just tell you… It took me like 10 minutes to get several perfect, solid shots.  Maverick is one of the happiest babies I’ve ever seen!

Of course I love squishy newborns and independent sitters, but those few precious months in between are equally as awesome and pass so quickly!  I like to challenge myself to get shots other than the standard laying on their back shooting down at them.  With some help from a bean bag and Kellie we were able to capture some adorable moments!  Here are a few favorites.






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