Matthew and Marie – Expecting

We did a photo swap with our friends Matthew and Marie (and her daughter, Alyssa) at Centennial Park on a gorgeous, golden Sunday.  Matt’s mom was begging him for maternity photos and well… we needed some for the Christmas card!  As always, Matt delivered some awesome shots and hopefully Matt (and his mom!) and Marie enjoy these shots.  It’s all fun and games until a toddler (ours!) gets tired and throws a tantrum.

Let me share a few fun facts regarding this post and then enjoy the sun soaked shots!

1. I met Matt and Marie when we all served together aboard USS Harry S. Truman.

2. Matt and I hosted a morning radio show together and had horrible timing.  We’re both funny, just not together, haha!

3. Matt is an extremely talented photographer and videographer.  Remember our gender reveal… He’s the guy behind that masterpiece!

4. Matt is 6’6.  Marie is not!

5. Baby Amelia arrived in late November and is GORGEOUS!

– Danna


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