A Day in the Life – March

Last month I started a new project.

I committed to keeping my camera with me every minute of the day to document what our normal, every day looks like.  This project serves multiple purposes.  First, I want to improve my lifestyle photography skills.  Learning how to see the ordinary in an extraordinary way is the difference between making snapshots and making art.  I want to be an artist.  I also think our boys will enjoy looking back on these photos one day and just seeing how we spent our time.

I encountered a few challenges that I plan to improve upon this month and in the future.  I shot this entire day with the same focal length.  Getting wider angles will really add variety to my shots.  I also had a block of a few hours I didn’t capture anything because my colicky baby was only satisfied when he was in my arms.  And finally, Justin was on duty so it wasn’t really a typical day for us.  I’ll be shooting my April day in the life later this week when everyone is home.

All in all, it wasn’t too bad for my first go.  I hope you enjoy a peek into our lives.  :-)


L~ F~:

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