Preakness Hot Air Balloon Festival

Last month I caught a segment on the local news (featuring an adorable surprise proposal!) on the Preakness Hot Air Balloon Festival going on over in Ellicott City.  I texted Justin immediately and told him we had to check it out.

We were both so excited about the photos we imagined capturing and about how excited Harper would be.  We were not disappointed on either count!  Harper LOVED every second, even if the lines were too long to catch a ride up in one.  I think the school bus trip from the fairgrounds to the event may have been his favorite part, even!  We loved it so much we went back the next day.

The whole experience was the photographer’s version of a kid in a candy store… just beauty everywhere!  We’re already excited about going back next year.

Enjoy a few of our favorite shots and plan on checking it out next May!


L~ F~:

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