The Birth of Gideon Jude

Our youngest little guy is 6 months today.  Man, that went by FAST!  I’ve been feeling guilty that I haven’t gotten his birth photos up here yet and committed to doing that today.

I won’t post his entire birth story here, but it sure was a long one.  Mister was in a hurry to enter the world.  I had regular contractions beginning at 35 weeks, something I never experienced with my first.  Once active labor hit Gideon arrived in less than 3 hours, making his debut just after midnight at exactly 37 weeks.  He was perfection.

The last 6 months have flown by and things with G have been almost the polar opposite of how they went with his big brother, Harper.  Every baby really is different!  He is no less of a joy in our lives and we’re so thankful to have been blessed with such a beautiful boy.

He loves jumping, giving us “kisses”, Sophie the giraffe and most of all, his big brother.  Harper was the first person to make him giggle and every time Gideon watches him running and jumping around he laughs and screeches and our hearts melt.

It was difficult to narrow these photos down to just a few.  Justin did a fabulous job photographing the whirlwind of events that brought Gideon to us.  I hope you enjoy viewing them!



And here is our sweet boy now… Gorgeous, right?

L~ F~:

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