The Birth of Eleanor

I was so lucky to meet this sweet mama through a mutual friend less than a month before her due date.  We started talking and quickly realized that she wanted a birth photographer and I was one!  I was already booked for two births around the same time as her due date but since she lives just minutes from me and  she was planning a home birth we agreed that we would play it by ear.  She would call me when she was in labor and if I wasn’t at another birth I would come.

The day Eleanor was born we were both at our friend’s son’s birthday party.  Erin had been feeling that something was going on and eventually decided to walk home from the party to see if she could get things moving.  It worked!  There was less than an hour between the time I arrived at Erin’s home and when Eleanor was born.  This amazing mama worked so hard and was so strong and beautiful as she brought her fourth baby into the world.  It was such an honor to witness and capture the day.  And it was so much fun watching Eleanor’s older siblings welcome her into the family.

God couldn’t have given this sweet baby girl to a better family!  They are just the sweetest people and the love between them all is so apparent.


L~ F~: