The Birth of Holden

Holden was born right in the middle of a baby boom that happened for me in the Fall/Winter of 2014.  In fact… I photographed two babies on this same day!  Holden in the early hours of the morning and then sweet Frederick came late that night.  I was one tired birth photographer but it was so worth it… Both births were incredible and Holden’s is absolutely one of my favorites I’ve ever attended.

Holden’s momma is the amazingly talented and super kind-hearted Jill Mills of Heartlove Photography.  It was a humongous honor (and totally nerve wracking!) to be the birth photographer’s birth photographer!  Our relationship really grew through this experience and Jill became a wonderful resource and mentor to me.

I hope you all enjoy this powerful birth story as much as I enjoyed capturing it!


L~ F~: