Project 52 – Week One : New



I’m trying something NEW this year and participating in a project 52 with some other fabulous photographers located all over the world.  We all met through and participate in the Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project so I can promise you will see immense talent every week from the ladies in our blog ring!

I have been turning over the idea of a project 52 in mind for some weeks now and when Kristen from Kristen Bell Photography (who I’m linked to this week!) brought it up I knew it was just the nudge I needed to commit.  My goals for this project are to photograph my family more and to practice working on techniques that aren’t exactly my strongest.  Throughout the project I hope to be able to express more about what this project means to me and my goals for the future.  I hope that you’ll hop on this ride with me and enjoy seeing my images each week.

The theme for week one was very fittingly ‘new.’ While appropriate I did find it to be a little challenging!  So much has been new for our family these last few months that perhaps I don’t even notice it anymore.  :-)

I chose this image of my youngest just before he blew out his third birthday candle on Thursday.  Having a birthday in our family so close to the holidays can be a little challenging.  We’ve had so much going on that I slacked a little on the planning.  But truthfully, he didn’t mind.  He was so happy with a little bowling get together and a special dinner at home with our closest friends.

Here’s to 2016 and turning 3!

Follow this link to check out a NEW image from the next photographer in the project – Kristen Bell Photography!



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