Project 52 – Week 2 : Black & White

Welcome back for week two of 2016’s Project 52! Our theme this week is black and white.

If you’ve worked with me or are familiar with my work you must already know I love black and white conversions. I feel like B&W images are timeless and emotive. I actually like grain and high contrast in my black and white images.

Converting an image can really help narrow down distractions (in this image it would be my son’s orange blanket and neon green fleece he insisted on sleeping in. No pajamas tonight, it wasn’t worth the fight!) and draw your images to where the focus of the image truly is, where the photographer intend your eyes to go. For me in this image it is Harper’s sweet face and especially his long, thick eyelashes.

We’ve had some rough days together lately. Daddy is away for work and that makes things a little tougher on all of us. But today, well, today was a beautiful day full of friends, love, and laughter. And at the end of it all when I peek in on Harp and his brother before getting in bed myself I can’t help but still see them as my sweet, tiny babies. It’s such a shame they grow so fast!

I hope you enjoyed my image for week 2. Don’t forget to check out the other images for this week, starting with Sara Dragman Photography’s beautiful image!


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