Project 52 – Week 5: Balance

Balance.  Wow… what an essential part of life, right?  It’s so hard to find balance as a wife, mother, photographer…  Add in living in a foreign country, a deployed husband, military life, etc, etc, etc. and I find it just becomes more and more elusive.  As we near the end of this deployment I feel like I’m finally finding a good balance in our lives.  We’re finally establishing an effective routine.  Of course, just in time for us to go through all the challenges that reintegration and homecoming bring.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m STOKED and beyond ready to have my husband home.  I just know that the balancing act will continue and evolve… always changing.

The one thing that I’ve found to keep me grounded and at least *feeling* balanced no matter what is happening around me is Bible study.  The more time I spend in God’s word the more prepared I feel to face life in general.  My new year’s resolution was to read the Bible this year.  Every page, every word, every book.  Ambitious, right?  I’ve definitely had days when it didn’t happen but then I just spend the next few catching up.  It’s worked so far.  And I’ve felt HEALTHY.  In so many ways.

I still get anxious sometimes.  I still get stressed and feel overwhelmed.  But I know where to go to restore my balance.  I have truths written on my heart that promise to take those worries away.  <3

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