Project 52 – Weeks 6 & 7: Strength and Love

Strength:  You know that friend you can tell anything to and they really do get it?  The one who is in the same stage of life as you?  The one who will always, always be honest with you rather than tell you what you want to hear?  That is my friend Stephanie!  We may not spend a ton of time together or speak everyday but when we do it is definitely quality time.  Even now I can hear her say “yeah, yeah, yeah!” in agreement to something I just *have* to talk to her about right away.  She is an amazing sounding board for advice and I love how our conversations almost always involve the Bible, we’ve even busted it out before just in everyday conversation.  Stephanie is the type of friend who says they’ll pray for you and you *know* they will, and then you feel it.

Stephanie is also a talented photographer!  The thing I love the most about her work is that her style is so different from mine.  We have the same taste and a great appreciation for each other’s style but we just do things differently.  She is due in just a couple of days with her second daughter. She knew what she wanted for her maternity pics and asked me to help her bring them to life.  The posing and the styling may not be exactly what I would have envisioned but they are exactly Stephanie and I was honored to show her strength throughout our shoot- physical, mental, emotion strength.  It shines through every image we took that day but I felt this one really conveyed it so well.


Love:  Valentine’s Day for me looked a little different this year!  No date, no chocolates (except the hershey’s kisses I bought myself!).  I did have some amazingly gorgeous flowers hand delivered from a beautiful friend!

But even if I didn’t have my husband I did have these two on Valentine’s and every day.  They challenge me every day.  They bring me juuuuust to the brink of insanity.  But then they tell me I’m pretty and request that I bend down so they can kiss my nose.

At the end of every day no matter how hectic, how stressful, how busy, or how great it is, my heart swells with thanksgiving for these two precious creatures and the love they share.  Brothers are a blessing.

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